Cowboys's Schedule

Date Opponent Location Result
Jun 17 RattlersRattlers Bismarck, ND- PreSeason W 256-173.5 Game Recap
Jun 18 ThunderThunder Bismarck, ND- PreSeason W 350.75-261.5 Game Recap
Jun 24 FreedomFreedom Tryon, NC- PreSeason L 173-0 Game Recap
Jun 25 StampedeStampede Tryon, NC- PreSeason L 84.25-0 Game Recap
Jul 25 StampedeStampede Home Cheyenne, WY L 337.75-257.25 Game Recap
Jul 26 Ridge RidersRidge Riders Away Cheyenne, WY W 177.25-81.25 Game Recap
Aug 5 GamblersGamblers Away Kansas City, MO W 175-0 Game Recap
Aug 6 RattlersRattlers Home Kansas City, MO L 257.25-0 Game Recap
Aug 7 FreedomFreedom Home Kansas City, MO W 255-171.75 Game Recap
Aug 12 OutlawsOutlaws Away Anaheim, CA L 165.75-0 Game Recap
Aug 13 ThunderThunder Home Anaheim, CA L 247.75-87.25 Game Recap
Aug 19 StampedeStampede Away Nashville, TN W, 324-175.25 Game Recap
Aug 20 GamblersGamblers Home Nashville, TN L, 168.5-82.5 Game Recap
Aug 21 RattlersRattlers Away Nashville, TN W, 88.25-0 Game Recap
Aug 26 OutlawsOutlaws Away Austin, TX W 173-84.75 Game Recap
Aug 27 FreedomFreedom Home Austin, TX W 175-84.50 Game Recap
Aug 28 GamblersGamblers Away Austin, TX W 174-84.25 Game Recap
Sep 9 ThunderThunder Home Winston-Salem, NC W 261.50-0.00 Game Recap
Sep 10 Ridge RidersRidge Riders Home Winston-Salem, NC W 256.50-169.50 Game Recap
Sep 11 StampedeStampede Home Winston-Salem, NC L 259.25-257.75 Game Recap
Sep 16 Ridge RidersRidge Riders Home Oklahoma City, OK W 177.25-86.75 Game Recap
Sep 17 OutlawsOutlaws Home Oklahoma City, OK W 84.50-83.25 Game Recap
Sep 18 FreedomFreedom Away Oklahoma City, OK L 180.50-176.50 Game Recap
Sep 23 ThunderThunder Away Ridgedale, MO W 264.50-88.75 Game Recap
Sep 24 Ridge RidersRidge Riders Away Ridgedale, MO L 265.00-0.00 Game Recap
Sep 25 GamblersGamblers Home Ridgedale, MO W 261.00-89.50 Game Recap
Oct 7 OutlawsOutlaws Home Fort Worth, TX L 175.25-253.00 Game Recap
Oct 8 RattlersRattlers Away Fort Worth, TX L 171.50-177.25 Game Recap
Oct 9 FreedomFreedom Away Fort Worth, TX L 91.75-176.25 Game Recap
Oct 14 RattlersRattlers Home Glendale, AZ L 431.00-256.00 Game Recap
Oct 15 ThunderThunder Away Glendale, AZ L 262.50-87.25 Game Recap
Oct 16 StampedeStampede Away Glendale, AZ W 262.25-176.00 Game Recap