It’s not where you’re from, what you drive, how you dress, or what you look like. You’re a cowboy if…

It started in 1992, when 20 entrepreneurial bull riders formed the Professional Bull Riders with a vision of creating a sport for theirs and future generations. They felt their passion for bull riding, honesty, integrity, and putting their name on a hard day’s work, deserved to be rewarded with a hard day’s wage.

Today, the PBR is an international phenomenon: The Toughest Sport on Dirt, embodied in a contemporary sports entertainment experience appealing to all those who seek action, excitement, and an all-around good time.

Be Cowboy is built on the heart and soul of those rogue cowboys who shared a dream; the men and women who contributed to a global icon that is familiar and revered, yet often misconstrued as a non-inclusive group of outlaws who ride horses, dress a certain way and talk a certain way. In fact, the first cowboys were an original melting pot of trail-blazers who sought opportunity, and through hard work, a better life.

Their values endure: Modern cowboys are all those who embody the Cowboy Code of toughness, courage, respect, determination, and patriotism, no matter what country’s flag you pledge.

Our bull athletes, riders, PBR employees, stock contractors and many partners hit the dirt for more than 100 events a year for their families, their passion for the sport, and for all our fans: the bold, the determined, the honorable, and the brave – all of you who embody the Be Cowboy way of life.

You need only share our passion for living honestly, fairly, respectfully; with pride, integrity, and humbleness, to Be Cowboy.

Welcome to PBR, cowboy.